IVG Natural Gas Brokerage

Natural Gas Brokerage

North American natural gas prices have experienced extreme price swings and high volatility over the past several years. Unpredictable weather, changing supply/demand fundamentals, dynamic natural gas storage data and the emergence of a global LNG market have all contributed to the recent increase in natural gas volatility. IVG provides both physical and financial natural gas brokerage services for natural gas markets across North America.

IVG’s natural gas brokerage staff can assist you with largely any of your natural gas risk management product needs, including physical natural gas, natural gas basis swaps, EFPs (exchange futures for physical), Gas Daily swaps, physical index transactions, NYMEX swaps, NYMEX options and pipe options.

IVG's natural gas brokerage staff is extremely seasoned, averaging over 10 years of natural gas industry experience, with many of IVG’s brokers having previously worked as natural gas traders. IVG’s brokers have extensive experience assisting natural gas producers, end-users, hedge funds, financial institutions and other entities with managing their price exposure to the natural gas markets. At IVG, our natural gas brokers will provide you with timely and efficient price discovery, seamless deal execution and targeted market information for all of your natural gas trading and risk management requirements.


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