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Electricity Brokerage

Initial deregulation of the wholesale power markets occurred in 1978 and accelerated in 1992 with the passage of the Energy Policy Act. As power markets across the U.S. have continued to deregulate since 1992, this has led to the creation of numerous large ISOs (PJM, Nepool, MISO, etc.) which has in turn led to the development of and a large over-the-counter electricity trading market. Today’s electricity markets are used by virtually every entity that has price exposure to the electricity markets, including power generators, utilities, merchant energy groups, hedge funds, retail energy providers (“REPs”), commercial and industrial companies and consumers.

As the power markets have grown in size and volatility, price transparency and information flow have grown in importance. Volatile fuel prices and unpredictable weather patterns mean comprehensive price discovery is essential to anyone with power price exposure. IVG has vast experience in all regions of the North American power grid, including West Power (WECC), East Power (PJM and ISO-NE), MISO and ERCOT, as well as a few other power markets. At IVG, our electricity brokerage staff is always fully apprised of market information, thereby enabling IVG to facilitate all of your physical and financial transactional requirements, including both fixed price and options products.

IVG's electricity brokerage staff is extremely experienced, with many of our brokers having worked in the electricity markets since the Energy Policy Act was enacted in 1992. IVG’s electricity brokers average over 10 years of power market experience, with many of our brokers having worked as power traders prior to joining IVG. IVG’s electricity brokerage staff will provide you with timely and efficient price discovery, flawless deal execution and targeted market information for all of your electricity trading and risk management needs.


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